I had been reading this book recently and few interesting facts that I came to know, are listed below:

1 – Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of EU ; setup in 1962 consumes nearly half of EU budget – c€50bn. Similarly, US has a Farm Bill policy setup in 1933 , total bill $30 bn ; 3/4th of which goes to top ten farms in US.

2. Farm animals consume :
1/3rd of all world cereals; and
30% of global fish catch ; and
1/2 of all antibiotics consumed in the world.

3. Mad cow disease ( happened in Britain) due to cows being feed meat and bone meal.

4. Lastly more than 200,000 Indian farmers have killed themselves since 1997 because they could not repay debt taken to buy fertilizers and GM seeds.

Amazing world we live in !




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