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Making Rules

Its often observed, as technical advancement is constantly making easier to spread knowledge , low quality knowledge has grown exponentially.

Good knowledge is as if drowning in the pool of low quality knowledge. Something similar to a economist’s phrase – bad money drives out the good.

Recently, I came across a gem by Lon Fuller legal philosopher 1902-1978.

Moral tale of King Rex and eight ways in which he fails to make laws:

1)      Fails to make rules, so everything is decided on a adhoc basis.

2)      Does not publicize the rules

3)      Enacts retrospective laws

4)      Incomprehensible laws

5)      Contradictory laws

6)      Rules that require conduct beyond power of affected parties

7)      Introduces frequent changes

8)      Fails to achieve congruence between rules announced and official action

In our daily lives sometimes we make rules which we ask others to follow and sometimes follow rules made by others.

May we make better rules !