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A trip to Romania – May 2013

A trip to Romania – May 2013

Every time you visit a place again, you see new features, facets which as if were invisible on lasts visits. One understand s it more and realises more in hidden than revealed.

This journey has also being full of adventures, or let’s says experiences I had. I think understood more of this country and have had time to reflect on past few years of my life.

I see more and more progress being made in terms of infrastructure of the country a new extended airport, bridges being refurbished, roads almost being built overnight.

But I see conditions of less important highways are far from satisfactory. Government still needs to do a lot to improve the standard of living of its people.

And this I realise is in contrasts to my thoughts when I first came here, Then I was comparing Romania with India (where I use to live then) and found it to be a much more developed country.

This time I compared it with United Kingdom, where I live now.

People and political parties seem aligned to the European Union’s idea of democratic state with its central idea of free movement of goods and people.

There are a number of TV news channels, reporting even live news. Competition seems fierce e and I have seen major political figures like the President Traian Basescu on them.

After seeing their television and talking to different people it appears that the country is firmly on the path of democracy for the time being.


It is often said money cannot buy happiness. I know this statement is both true and false.

Money can buy happiness if one is hungry and have no means to buy food. Maybe a poor example but I know from personal experience how important money is for survival ie. fulfilment of basic needs like food, clothing and shelter, after that its utility starts decreasing.

I see here that people are having better housing; they are buying nicer cars and clothes. Huge super stores are sprouting out everywhere.

Younger people aspire to a better life and now whole of Europe is open to them.


Overall a progressing country a good place to be for a businessman.

1 Country needs a lot of infrastructure, especially in housing and road construction.

2 Maybe in the medium term rail transport is a great opportunity, as most Romanians use their own cars (rich ones which are still few) or minibuses.

3 Thousands of old elevators need replacement. As the communist era ones are rapidly aging.

4 Urban upkeep: Municipal services like waste collection and gardening are almost non-existent.

5 Sport goods – very low competition, with usually low quality wares

6 Garage Business: Like AA of UK not sure but have not seen any advertisement. But cars it seems are selling like hot cakes.

7 Solar Farms: Spotted 2 huge ones but lot of scope still exists. Sun is in abundance supply.